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Trump to Tout Perdue, Farmers
The new head of USDA will meet with a group of farmers to discuss the course of agriculture in this country.
View From the Cab
Continued rain in Iowa and northeast Oklahoma last week kept View From the Cab farmer Zack Rendel of Miami, Oklahoma, from starting his soybean planting and prevented Brent and Lisa Judisch of Cedar Falls, Iowa, from finishing planting the last 25% of their corn.
Todd's Take
Last week's higher close in soybean oil may be an early sign of bullish change.
Farm Bill Hopes
Federal lawmakers said they understand the challenges farmers face and are working toward passing a new farm bill this year. The difficulty, as always, is finding more money for programs while cutting others.
Kub's Den
According to an ancient Latin proverb, "The farmer reaps with the plow." As important as planting date may be to an individual field's yield prospects, the U.S. corn and soybean futures markets seem largely unconcerned with planting season weather.
DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends
Average retail fertilizer prices continued to be fairly steady with no significant moves either higher or lower the third week of April 2017. With the opening of Iowa Fertilizer Company's new nitrogen fertilizer production facility near Wever, Iowa, last week, farmers in the Midwest could potentially see lower prices for nitrogen fertilizer over time.
Cargill Exits Feedlots
Cargill's exit from the feedlot business follows a company trend in past two years.
U.S. Not Pulling Out of NAFTA
Farm groups reacted swiftly to reports Wednesday that President Donald Trump may be considering an executive order to withdraw the U.S. from the North American Free Trade Agreement. The president sent out a statement late Wednesday indicating he would not do so.
A former official with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers told a U.S. Senate committee on Wednesday that his agency played little role in writing the waters of the United States rule.
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