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Food Sustainability Demands
The role of inquisitive institutional investors was a running theme at the Field to Market Agricultural Sustainability Summit this week in Kansas City, Missouri. The conference focused on the growing soil health movement as well as increased efforts within commodities to measure and establish sustainability practices.
Hold Your Horses
These therapy animals have tiny hooves and big hearts.
The Market's Fine Print
When it comes to the use of grading cameras, the spread between the best of technology and acceptable business by beef processors remains substantial.
Baby Your Beans - 2
This grower aims to get on base in every yield contest.
Skating on Thin Ice
Three to four years of low crop and dairy prices have some producers skating on thin ice, according to bankers at the annual National Agricultural Bankers Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
A Peek Into the Future
In keeping with the theme of "Green Future -- Smart Technology," robotic equipment inhabited each of the fairground's 27 buildings at this year's Agritechnica trade show in Hannover, Germany.
Trucker Rules Delayed for Ag
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Monday announced a 90-day waiver for agricultural haulers starting Dec. 18 when a new rule requiring electronic logging devices is supposed to take effect for the rest of the trucking industry.
Todd's Take
Storing corn in a year of heavy supplies has a mediocre record, but is not completely unreasonable.
Cash Market Moves
The 2017 U.S. hard red spring wheat crop was lower in production but featured a high-grade profile, high-protein content and very good functional performance, according to a North Dakota Wheat Commission report.
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